Employers® Holiday Card


This is a prime example of how to use size and shape to draw attention to your direct mail piece. One look at this in your mailbox, and you’ll be casting all the other envelopes aside to investigate what it could possibly contain.

In addition to the unusual size of this piece (11.875 x 3.375), Stan Can Design selected Aspire Petallics in Silver Ore for the custom envelope, which adds another eye-catching element – sparkle.

Combining the reason for the mailing (holiday greeting) with the company’s special milestone (100th anniversary), the design makes use of a short-folded front that ties the “O” of HO HO HO to the final “0” of the numeral 100. It’s a nice visual play on words that looks simple to execute, but requires a little math skill to figure out how tall and wide the Helvetica had to be to match up to the “O” and “0” in the allotted mailable size.


Project Details

Title Employers® Holiday Card Client Employers® Date November 2013 Design Kelly Wallis, Stan Byers Print Dynagraphics Printing
Reno, NV
Paper Envelope: CTI Paper Aspire Metallics Silver Ore 80 lb. Text; Card: Jefferson Gloss 100 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions Envelope: 12 x 3.5"
Folded: 11.875 x 3.375”
Flat: 20.9 x 3.375”
Print Quantity 6,000 Production Time 14 days Printing Method Offset Number of Colors 4 spot colors (PMS 877,
PMS 193, PMS 281, black)
Finishing and Binding Short fold, custom size,
custom envelope


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