What Your Design Says About You

kind_125Cosmo is famous for it. The Internet would be lighter without it. We’re talking about the “let me find out more about me” quiz, and Sherice Jacob has come up with one for us at Canva.com: “What Your Graphic Design Style Secretly Reveals About You.” OK, it’s not a quiz so much as a pop-psychology look at who you are based on the design style you favor, but still, kinda fun.

Are you “The Nurturer?” Let’s see: “Your graphic design style carries over that warmth, and is all about sampling the best that life has to offer, and then coordinating it into a beautiful mix of creativity and originality.”

Maybe you’re “The Traditionalist” who favors “textures and classic color combinations that have stood the test of time.”

There are eight different graphic design “types” in all, and their descriptions make for some thoughtful conjecture. So, dare we ask? What kind of graphic designer are you?



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