Unisource Embraces Minimal Design

unisourcedigitalswb3bPaper companies are marvelous things, but when it comes to their websites, it can be hit or miss. This isn’t something we sit around grumbling about necessarily, but it did occur to us the moment we clapped eyes on Unisource’s new Digital Papers site. In short, it’s a model of utility.

The moment you arrive, you’re greeted with the top three items you can easily spend 20 minutes searching for on other sites:

  • unisourcedigitalswb2Swatchbook ordering info
  • Registration prompt for receiving paper samples
  • A downloadable test sheet for easy comparison of paper sample print results (pictured below).

In the top navigation you find just a few options covering samples, ordering info, a closer look at Unisource’s paper offerings, and a searchable paper database. From the search results you can peruse the paper specs and order samples.

There’s nothing particularly innovative about any of this. What makes it impressive is just how easy it is to find what you’re looking for immediately – no scrolling through various paper collection banner ads, videos and ancillary projects.


To be fair, Unisource’s Digital Papers line is a private label affair, spanning only the digital offerings from Appvion, Domtar, MACtac, Mohawk, Neenah, NewPage, and its own Unisource Worldwide. Still, you can’t help but think that the sites of paper mills large and small could do with a little streamlining along these lines. They make amazing products we’d never want to live without; please just make them a little easier to find.

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