Living on Pantone Time

watch_125Wristwatches have undergone an unusual transition over the last couple of decades. Like other accessories, they began life performing a useful function (e.g., neckties, which were originally worn to keep shirts free of errant foodstuffs), but have gradually morphed into mere decoration today. And if you’re going to wear a decoration, why not make it Pantone’s color of the year – Radiant Orchid (aka Joker purple)?

In February, Ice-Watch will continue its partnership with Pantone by releasing one of its fun and funky timepieces in 2014’s bright ‘n sassy 18-3224 shade. Price: $119.

This is normally where we’d poke fun at the cottage industry that has grown up around the color-defining company, but truth be told these are some pretty fun, eye-catching watches. If Radiant Orchid is a bit much for your own sense of style, you can also choose from 14 other colors, including last year’s color of the year, Emerald (17-5641).



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