You Want Dimensions?He Has 3 of Them

diddi1With today’s social media onslaught, we are simply bombarded with one gobsmacking artistic creation after the other – it can get you down, sometimes. Like any drug, the more you experience of this outstanding art, the bigger the artistic thrill you need to inspire an honest “wow.”

Which is where 3D paper art comes in. No matter how many times you see it, when it’s done well you can’t help but be amazed. Take Alessandro Diddi‘s creations. Using unusual angles and shading, he completely breaks free of the paper he uses.

Go on, take a look. And read a brief interview with the artist here. (May or may not be safe for work depending on your work’s penchant for getting offended by small images of scantily clad C-list stars celebrated by a nation even more celeb-ssessed than we are.)




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