Cards Letterpressed to Impress

news_rabbit_cardWith the sharp quality and speed with which business cards can be printed digitally these days, those painstakingly crafted on letterpress stand out all the more. But it isn’t letterpress alone that makes the 25 examples featured on exemplars of the technique, it’s the imaginative way in which designers used letterpress to express what they do for a living.

Here are three of our favorites:

1. Druckerei Eisenhardt. There is just something about the level of detail that has gone into the card for this Frankfurt printing company. “Trust Your Instincts” it advises in the negative imprinted text, while the illegible writing behind it artfully reflects the fervent brainstorms behind all creative processes. The orange ink and unusual shape only serve to seal the deal.


2. Ovi Prunean. Yes, yes, we’re suckers for anything that obliquely references those Pantone chips that rule our lives, and these letterpress beauties fit the bill wonderfully. Graphic designer James Prunean whipped these up for house-painter brother Ovi. As clear in their intent as they are subtle in their execution, these 220 lb. cotton creations are the perfect calling card for one who works with color for a living.


3. The Rabbit Hole. This eye-catching little card for an “ideation café” turned co-working hub – they rent out shared office space now in addition to keeping their clients caffeinated – actually features some clever diecuts designed by Australia’s The Hungry Workshop. Break this 390gsm Beer Matt Board (with its double hit of silver ink) apart and reform it…into a rabbit (see top of page for the finished product)!





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