If You Had Free Time,It’d Look Like This

digest1_120pxAs children, many of us dutifully bought our favorite comic books  because kids can really only live vicariously. As we grew older, most of us left those behind and moved on to grown-up comic books: luxury car magazines, upscale restaurant review pubs, or any of a dozen celebrity lifestyle magazines to name a few.

And now, we creatives have our own little comic book: Digest. This British start-up prides itself on being “a seasonal digest of culture that surrounds the world of the creative professional” and “a reminder that the world away from our computers is ripe for exploration” – bless ’em. In short, a look at creatives being creative outside normal business hours.


Yet taking a quick peek at the first issue – with its features on office-wall graffiti and a pair of agency types who run a London nightlife blog on the side – we just don’t see ourselves in these pages. Granted it’s an English publication, but this hardly strikes us as “the world away from our computers” – just doing the same ol’ thing for less money.

We’d love to see a magazine that really showed creatives living it up “away from our computers,” but the free time necessary to do that truly is a grown-up comic book fairy tale.



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