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suit leave behindCool designs inspire, educate, and occasionally fill that need we all have from time to time: they get us excited about the possibilities of design once again. This week we brush up on our classics with “A Tale of Two Whiskies,” discover that suit and tie do indeed make a strong impression, and swing out to a calendar that is rock ‘n roll to its very soul. (For past cool designs of the week, bebop on over here.)

Bacardi’s “Tale of Two Whiskies” Design

Structural Graphics is one of those companies that we know we can always count on to recharge our creative batteries with inspiring projects. Take the delightful Bacardi Brands Dewar’s Influencer Kit, which promotes Craigellechie in the front of this gigantic “storybook” and Aberfeldy at the back. Both feature cut-out areas designed to hold a bottle of its designated spirit and a whisky glass. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

tale of two whiskiestale of two whiskiestale of two whiskies


‘Suits You Sir’ Design

At first glance Mat Bogust’s meeting leave behind seems impractical, obnoxious, and maybe even a little disturbing (the skin just above the tie creeps us out a little). Yet we keep coming back to it, which is really the hallmark of good design. Made of cardboard, the suit jacket opens up to reveal a dress shirt and tie, complete with a removable business card in the breast pocket. Leave this behind – especially secretly – and your host won’t forget you in a hurry – guaranteed.

suit leave behindsuit leave behindsuit leave behind

2015 Sunset Printing Calendar Design

There’s always a bit of extra excitement in the air when a paper company partners with someone who can make it sing, or in this case, rock. Once again Mohawk joined forces with printing company Sunset in Wharton, NJ, to produce a calendar that shows off a number of papers and print techniques. The pages in the 2015 calendar were foil stamped, die cut, embossed, thermographied, engraved, letter pressed, and even grommetted, according to the paper company.

The result is a year-long celebration of pop music, featuring everything from Elvis’ swiveling hips (courtesy of the grommet) to Michael Jackson’s white glove and a Nirvana mix tape. What a fun way to rock on into 2016.

2015 sunset calendar2015 sunset calendar2015 sunset calendar



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