Free PaperSpecs Webinar – “The Tactics of Color Strategy”

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
2:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Pacific)

Palo Alto, California — January 31, 2012 — When you’re selecting colors for a project, do you go with your gut or do you have a solid color strategy?

In “The Tactics of Color Strategy,” a free PaperSpecs webinar sponsored by Neenah Paper, guest speaker Jack Bredenfoerder will reveal his five key components for creating a successful color strategy.

If you’re winging it—and even if you aren’t—you can learn how to avoid subjective and unproductive rationales about one particular color or combination of colors during PaperSpecs’ next free webinar, “The Tactics of Color Strategy.”

“I’ve found it helpful when presenting a color recommendation to first design with a formalized color strategy, then rationalize the design using the same strategy,” says special guest speaker and color expert, Jack Bredenfoerder, director of BV Color Strategy.

During the webinar, he’ll reveal his five key components of forming a compelling color strategy:

  • Physical – Is your color design balanced? Does it even need to be balanced?
  • Cultural – Are you selling soccer wear in Italy in colors reminiscent of the French national soccer team?
  • Psychological – “Blue is calming.” Do you cringe when you hear statements like this?
  • Fads, Trends and Cycles – Do you ever mistakenly use trend spotting as a forecasting tool?
  • Directional Aspects of Color – Can you identify the major influences that drive consumers’ decisions?

As well as sharing examples of good color usage, Bredenfoerder will show great ideas for working with color and creating color stories that you can apply to your own projects.

“Color is the spice of design. The context and art of how the colors are combined and applied with the other design elements is what gives the colors their true meaning. It is the art of the composition that makes the color message extraordinary, not the individual meanings of one color or another,” he explains.”

And if you’ve set your sights on being a color leader rather than a color follower, Bredenfoerder will explain how to create a color forecast that looks beyond the current market trends.

You don’t want to miss “The Tactics of Color Strategy.” This webinar is free thanks to the generous support of Neenah Paper. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today for this special event at

About Jack Bredenfoerder
Jack Bredenfoerder is a seasoned color design and marketing professional with more than 19 years of experience as a design director for Landor Associates, where he specialized in color strategy, trends and forecasting. Jack’s years of experience as well as his insight and passion for color are most useful when there is a need to make reasoned, informed decisions about the use of color in any industry setting or circumstance. Jack’s perspectives on color have been featured in leading business, consumer and design-industry trade publications including the Financial Times, the New Yorker, Communication Arts, ID and Advertising Age. He has also been a contributor to HGTV. Jack has presented on color theory, strategy and trends to a broad range of professional organizations including the American Society of Interior Designers, The Event Design Forum, and the Color Marketing Group. He is also a frequent guest speaker at HOW’s Conferences in the United States and internationally. Annually, Jack develops trend and color forecasts that serve as an invaluable reference for a wide variety of branding initiatives, from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals.

About Neenah Paper
For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers. Neenah brings state-of-the-art technology to its signature brands, CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT® and SUNDANCE® Offset & Digital Papers as well as a host of other fine paper brands. In late 2011, all four CLASSIC Fine Papers were refreshed with 10 common colors across all brands and an expanded digital paper offering. In addition, Neenah envelopes are now available in thousands of unique styles. Neenah has created relevant, useful tools that empower customers when they want it and the way they want it including the new Neenah Paper Cabinet. Visit to find out more information about the company or call (800) 558-5061. Follow Neenah Paper on Twitter: @neenahpaper; become a fan on Facebook; or visit Neenah’s blog, Against the Grain.

About Neenah Paper Think Ink iPhone App
The Think Ink iPhone application from Neenah Paper puts powerful design and color theory tools in the palm of your hand.

  • Create fresh custom color palettes based on your favorite picture colors you take on your iPhone’s built in camera.
  • Use the scientifically validated Dewey Color System®, the world’s only validated, color-based personality testing instrument, to explore the psychological meanings of hundreds of color combinations.
  • Match these color palettes to coordinate with CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen and ENVIRONMENT® Papers.
  • Order papers samples directly from your iPhone.
  • Choose from four different palette types: Subdue, Pop, Classic, and Blend.
  • View your palettes with alternate views and type samples.
  • Upload your color palettes for use or share them with friends, vendors or clients via e-mail.

About PaperSpecs
Finding the most accurate information on paper availability, green certifications and trends like digital paper options is a challenge for designers, print buyers and paper purchasers worldwide. This reality inspired Sabine Lenz, designer and author, to create PaperSpecs, the first independent and comprehensive Web-based paper selection tool. The search mechanism is specifically designed to help paper specifiers easily and quickly find the paper that meets their project’s sustainability goals, creative vision and process requirements.


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