Introducing U1X:Green

The newest edition of PrintUtopia, the paper-centric educational series from Appleton Coated, features U1X:Green from the Utopia brand of coated printing papers.

Bold, bright, powerful automobiles provide the imagery that invites print and creative professionals to “take a look under the hood” and fine-tune their projects to achieve both economical and environmental goals.

“Optimal smoothness and brightness can shift printed projects into high gear, driving them to communicate as clearly as they should. The smoother the sheet, the higher the gloss levels. The brighter the paper, the better the sparkle,” explains Ferkó Goldinger, advertising and promotion manager. “Like a good mechanic, we want to share which parts and practices matter most, and will go the distance for winning results.”

To request the new PrintUtopia or other information on U1X:Green, please visit UtopiaPaper and click on “Order Samples.”


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