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wrappingpaperIt’s almost Valentine’s Day. The scented candles are lit, the chocolates dispatched, and PaperSpecs is making eyes at you from across the mill floor. There’s just so much we want to share with you. And if you simply have a paper question that you can’t find the answer to, our Paper Concierge is just an email away. (The number of times we’ve hovered by the laptop, just waiting for you to email…sigh.)

So full are we of the love of Valentine’s Day, we want you to treat yourself to a little Paper Peace of Mind with a PaperSpecs Pro membership. If you later decide it’s not for you, you can cancel without any hassle. (We’re not clingy.) But we think you’re going to find that being a PaperSpecs Pro member is a pretty nice thing to be. You will discover:

  • New project ideas and innovations
  • A newfound confidence in your paper choices
  • A keener understanding of just what is possible in printing today.

Best of all, sign up for a PRO membership before midnight ET Feb. 14th and we’ll rush you an exclusive set of wrapping-paper sheets crafted by award-winning designer Michael Osborne Design, each suitable for framing, absolutely free. Ain’t love grand?



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