The Incredible Vanishing QR Code

invisibleqr1QR codes. Praise their promise, quibble about their optimal size, or dream up new ways of using them, one thing’s certain – they have a face that only a mother could love. For those who’ve just about had it trying to make those blocky monstrosities a “seamless” part of their design, help is at hand.

Israeli startup Visualead is using its new technology to gradually fade QR codes away. Currently, it offers codes that allow about 70% of your artwork to show through. In a few months, it intends to have codes that are completely transparent, with only four small boxes surrounding the image area to be scanned.


At present, Visualead boasts a three-tier pricing system. At the no-cost end, you get a code that shows about 50% of the under image, and those who scan it are first sent to a loading page with ads before hitting your website. At the top end, you pay about $50 for each code that is about 70% clear, bypassing the loading page. You also can access advanced analytics that show you how many scans you get per day, from what part of the country, and what types of devices were used to scan them.

The beta version of the current technology has been used to create 50,000 QR Codes, which have been scanned about half a million times, according to


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