Every-Door Delivery, Every Day

Buying mailing lists for your next direct-mail campaign may become a thing of the past for many as the USPS’s “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM) program, which began a trial period early last year, was made permanent this month.

It allows companies to send their postcards and letter pieces to every address in a given area without their having to have the individual addresses of the recipients.

It’s not hard to see why the Postal Regulatory Commission OK’d this one. During the trial alone the program attracted 32,000 businesses and filled Postal Service coffers to the tune of $50 million, give or take.

There will be a 5,000-piece-per-day maximum on mailings, with a minimum of 200 pieces per mailer per ZIP code. (Flats under 3.3 oz. must be dropped off at local post offices.) And the trial rate of 14.2 cents is being raised to 16 cents. (A bulk version of the program keeps the 14.2 cent rate.) Find some truly helpful tools to help you figure out the details here.


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