Snazzy, Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

twigcaseWhile sustainability and smartphones seldom come up in the same breath, the Twig Case Co. has somehow managed to introduce this month a series of tough, stylish cases that can simultaneously protect your iPhone and (slightly) minimize your impact on the environment.

Made from recycled and responsibly harvested paper, the cases have been crafted into “ultradurable” Richlite paper-based fiber composites – the same stuff they use to make countertops. Though Twig bills itself as the first company to offer iPhone cases that are FSC certified by the Rainforest Alliance, it is the assortment of intricately laser-engraved designs that its cases feature that will attract the most attention.

To date, Twig has released 31 cases: 24 boasting illustrations featuring a number of unusual images – from Red Riding Hood to the art of underground artist Jim Woodring – and seven solid-color models, with prices ranging from $50-$80. For $120 you can get a case featuring any logo, art or design you fancy.


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