Drug Dealer Business Cards?

drugsAt at time when we’re being sold on electronic business cards, sole proprietors tend to be the ones who still realize the value of the humble paper variety. Sole proprietors such as an English drug dealer, for example. It seems Leicester police aren’t quite sure what to make of a local pusher who’s handing out a business card that touts “fast & friendly service” on De Montfort University’s Leicester city center campus.

Says Police Constable Gail Warden, “The card does not say anything about drugs, but it does say ‘fast and friendly service’ and ‘delivery within 40 minutes or you get your money back’. I’ve never known anyone to have the audacity to hand out a professionally-printed business card like this before, but it’s also rather stupid because all he has done is highlight himself to the police.”

Yes, well, there’s that…to say nothing of the card’s look. We don’t know any drug dealers, but we’re guessing their profit margins are such that they can afford to splash out a quid or two on a decent design. (We may have missed the point on this one…apologies.)


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