Creepy DNA-Kit Packaging

dna_125_2Let’s be honest – whatever design a company comes up with for a DNA-testing kit is probably going to strike at least some people as creepy. But the cardboard canisters dreamt up by Croatian designer Izvorka Juric for DNA lab Genos seem like they rolled right out of a dystopian sci-fi flick

Just the images alone are enough to give anyone pause: a dog, a pregnant belly, a baby, a smiling man, a glass of milk and a woman bowing her head in quiet contemplation. If Stanley Kubrick had designed DNA-kit packaging it probably would’ve looked something like this.


We humbly turn description of the packaging over to The Dieline:

“The packaging is a solid cardboard tube with a matte black metal fixed bottom and lid. It contains only the information that is applicable to all products, while self-adhesive labels contain the names and information specific for each DNA set, encoding the products within the lines by color and photography.

The tube is made of white matte board with selectively printed UV varnish on stylized illustration of DNA chain, and self-adhesive labels are on high-gloss material. For easier opening product labels are perforated in the lid crease, while the strength of the label material additionally protects the package from opening.” 





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