365 Typography Calendar 2017


For years Studio Hinrichs has delighted designers and non-designers alike with their annual clean-and-classy Typography Calendar. Featuring 12 distinctive typefaces chosen by international designers, it comes in two useful sizes and is printed on a pleasant-to-the-touch Sappi McCoy Matte [Get Swatchbook] that avoids the glare so many other calendars insist upon these days. Flip past the now-iconic 365 cover doodle and you’ll find descriptions of the type featured, a biography of each designer, and even their birthdays throughout the calendar year.

Begun by studio founder Kit Hinrichs back in his days at Pentagram more than a decade ago, the calendar has exposed us to typefaces and designers we might otherwise never have discovered. And with one on our desk (the 12″ x 18″ version) and another our meeting room wall (23″ x 33”), not a day goes by that we aren’t in some way reminded of just how important the right typography is to great design.

Order your 2017 Studio Hinrichs Typography Calendar right now while supplies last!






  1. Lisa 3 years ago

    Is it possible to receive notification when the 2018 typography calendar is available? I have a friend who is a graphic designer she went crazy for the 2016 one I found for her. Thank you.

    • Aaron Berman 3 years ago

      Hi Lisa – So glad your friend enjoyed that calendar. We’d suggest contacting Studio Hinrichs directly at reception(at)studio-hinrichs.com . Hope that helps 🙂

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