Colorful Swatchbook-like Calendar

calendar_125With programs such as Outlook and iCal keeping track of our every task, appointment and breath, we no longer look to calendars for functionality anymore. But give us an interesting take on the old-fashioned paper calendar and you’ll catch our attention every time; give it a little nod to designer culture and we are all yours. Peter von Freyhold’s 2014 Color Matching Calendar (or FARBFÄCHERKALENDER) does both.

Here’s the brief:

Each day a color stripe can be [torn] off and new color combinations come up. Printed on coated and uncoated paper, the stripes can be collected to create color matching fans with the use of a bookbinder screw, which is integrated in the head of the calendar. The exact CMYK data are printed on every stripe.

The calendar contains 371 unique color stripes, printed on 210 g/m² two sided chromo cardboard from Fedrigoni.
The date is printed in silver.

Peter, you had us at FARBFÄCHERKALENDER.




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