Collect Catalog Covers, Win $1,000

Whatever you’ve heard to the contrary, catalogs are far from dead. They’re not. (We heard that – they’re not!) And to show you how full of life the humble catalog is, NewPoint Media Group – publisher of The Real Estate Book – is ready to give you the chance to win a cool $1,000 if you send them the cover of every single catalog you receive this holiday season. Wait…what?

“People shop catalogs,” NewPoint CEO Scott Dixon told “As a child, did you ever dream through the holiday catalogs, turning down pages, circling items, and making detailed lists based on your extensive research? We still do that today—and then go online or into the store to buy. Some online-only retailers estimate that almost half of their online sales come from catalog shoppers.”

Which is fine, but does little to explain the aforementioned contest. Presumably, the very act of snagging all those covers is meant to impress upon you just how many are out there, and by extension, why you should be putting one out, too.

Still, with holiday bills looming, who wouldn’t want to take a stab at winning $1,000? Here are the rules:

  • Submit COVERS ONLY – not the whole catalog
  • Covers must be from different catalog issues. (You may have more than one cover from a specific brand, but they must be different catalog covers)
  • Entries must be postmarked by Jan. 3, 2013.

More legalese here.


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