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Golf Kohler in the New and Old WorldsWhether your take on golf is that it’s a “pastime of joy” or “a great walk spoiled,” we’re sure you will find much to admire in StudioSaal’s 6-book, 308 page history Golf Kohler in the New and Old Worlds. Together, the books explore the five 18-hole courses owned by bathroom fixtures company Kohler – each getting a book of its own. (The sixth tells the unconventional story of how the faucet maker ended up owning golf courses in the first place.)

The thoughtful details begin with the cover of the slipcase itself: three “ball markers” foil stamped on the front, one for each venue owned by Kohler: The Dukes in St. Andrews, Scotland; and Whistling Straits and Blackwolf rRun in Kohler, Wis. (The Kohler history volume carries the same markers.)

Golf Kohler in the New and Old Worlds

Other interesting touches:

  • The grid of each page boasts 18 columns, representing the 18 holes each course maintains. That said, text and images are allowed “to float within the grid freely,” meaning no spread is alike.
  • The last spread in each course book contains detailed illustrations and info about each hole of that course.
  • In each course book, every hole is given the large photo treatment, giving the reader the feeling of having a leisurely stroll through the course.
  • Photo captions on chapter openers appear in a circle that is the same size as a golf ball.

Copies can be purchased here.

Golf Kohler in the New and Old Worlds

Golf Kohler in the New and Old Worlds


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