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Will we ever run out of clever gimmicks for business cards? As if! From what we see each and every day, someone somewhere is constantly coming up with new ways to get the point of their business across to the unsuspecting masses. This week we chow down on a headhunter’s card, find a new way to repurpose other people’s, and discover a publisher with a taste for the classics. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Headhunter’s Business Card

We live in a world of limitless wonders, one of which happens to be edible paper – something we often forget. This headhunter did not, however, and supplies their potential recruits with a business card that comes complete with instructions on how best to eat it, the better to get rid of any incriminating evidence.

headhunter business card


Acupuncturist Business Card

Jason Little and Erin Hoffman’s business card design for acupuncturist Steve Li was risky – it could’ve turned out appalling. That’s because Li’s cards are actually “printed” on those of his clients using tiny pin pricks that spell out his name and phone number. A special hole-punching device was custom built for the job. (We love the fact that one of his clients happens to be someone from phenomenal printer Mama’s Sauce.)

acupuncturist business cardacupuncturist business card


Boutique Publisher Business Card

Singapore publishing house Paul & Marigold wanted to convey their love of literature with their business cards, and that country’s Foreign Policy came through nicely with these cards based on several classic novels. “Behind the ‘hard’ cover is a thin paper stock with the contact details laid out like page descriptions, resembling a contents page.” Nice detailing on those covers!

publisher business cardpublisher business card2


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