Business Cards for History's 100

cards_1255Note to self: Never turn your back on Wayward Arts magazine for a second lest you miss a jaw-dropping work of paper sorcery. Though they may be on issue 13 now, No. 10 is our focus here, and props go to Montreal’s Paprika studio for taking on – and exceeding all expectations for – a truly ambitious undertaking.

They did no more and no less than come up with one business card for the 100 most influential people in history.

The list of notables was derived from Michael Hart’s book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, but it’s what Paprika did with this project that truly knocked us out.


“We treated each person on the list as a real client, each with a unique personality, and focused specifically on his or her career,” says lead designer René Clément.

Check out just how much thought went into each and every one of those cards in the video below.


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