Personalized, Edge-printed Notebook Printing Technique

Outer edge of journal using notebook printing technique.

Must Have: Bennett Graphics

When you’ve been in this business a while, sometimes you can’t help but feel like you’ve seen it all before. Which is why we were so bowled over by this notebook  printing from Bennett Graphics the moment we picked it up. Seeing our name in gold foil on the cover was a nice surprise, but turning it over almost took our breath away. That’s because of the colorful artwork printed ON THE EDGE of the pages!

Fore-edge painting dates back to the 14th century and required each book to be hand-painted separately. Bennett Graphics has updated this technique beautifully by using cutting-edge digital notebook printing technology, enabling you to print multiple copies of books, catalogs and promotions with either the same artwork or something different on the edges of each and every book, in either CMYK or a single color.

Having done this for clients and their own marketing materials, Bennett has this process down to a fine science as you will discover with this personalized notebook printing.

[CLOSED] Enter to win one of 50 personalized, edge-printed notebooks right now! Hurry, this contest ends Aug. 16th!

'Cool huh?' journal using notebook printing technique. Notebook printing company graphic. BarnettGraphics notebook printing design. Outer edge of 'Cool huh' journal using notebook printing technique.




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