‘Responsible Paper Procurement’ Insights

Must Have: Rolland

Some of the world’s most interesting brands (including Patagonia, Cirque du Soleil and Colorado State University) have used Rolland’s environmentally-friendly recycled paper as a gateway to reducing their carbon footprint and making their operations more sustainable.

In Rolland’s “Conversations with Green Champions” interviews, Rolland President Philip Rundle has uncovered thoughtful insights into how these sustainable business leaders’ purchasing of recycled paper has reduced the environmental impact of their businesses’ supply chains overall.

Now Rolland has put together “Responsible Paper Procurement,” which explores how the environmentally-sound purchasing decisions of these “Green Champions” have become key to the success of their businesses. In the process, it presents a framework for thinking about and acting on responsible purchasing practices and policies for one and all.

By learning how these industry leaders have improved their businesses through responsible paper procurement, you can begin to envision how environmentally-sound purchasing decisions can benefit your own company.

Download your free copy of “Responsible Paper Procurement” right now! Rolland hopes that these stories from their “Green Champions” will truly inspire you to use sustainable products each and every time.


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