Custom-Printed Envelope Sample Set

Must Have: Blake Envelopes

Let’s face it: These days it’s easier to toss a piece of mail in the recycle bin than it is to open it. That’s why it’s so crucial to ensure that the direct mail piece you’ve spent so much time and energy designing is given the envelope it deserves – one guaranteed to stand out the moment it arrives, stoking the interest of its recipients. Thankfully, with its unique substrates and dozens of colors from which to choose, Blake Envelopes makes this far easier than you’d think possible.

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They don’t simply offer envelopes, they also provide high-quality custom overprinting to ensure your mail piece commands maximum attention the moment it arrives. And with 36 colors to choose from, you can also be sure of matching your client’s brand colors, too.

Want to see just how beautifully Blake Envelopes did this for Starbucks, the Los Angeles Lakers and others? Request your Sample Set right now! Hurry, this offer ends June 9th. (North American requests only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED] 



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