Intriguing Accent Opaque ‘Sustainability’ Postcard Set

Accent Opaque ‘Sustainability’ Postcard Set - PaperSpecs

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Sustainability isn’t simply about safeguarding our planet for future generations, according to International Paper. It’s also about sustaining our creative spirit and the connections we share. In their new Accent Opaque Portfolio Exchange postcard prints, they intriguingly manage to honor all three of these goals.

Though IP originally invited the participating artists to render their unique interpretations of “sustainability” in 18-x-24 inch art prints for debut at this year’s HOW conference, they quickly transformed these into postcards after COVID-19 intervened. And we’re all the better for it.

Not only do these art works invite questions about how we can better sustain our environment and each other, the postcard format also transforms them into something that can be easily shared at a time when we’re all feeling particularly isolated. And because each is printed on Accent Opaque RE-30 Cover paper – made from 30% post-consumer fibers – this 6-card set is itself a great example of sustainability.

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  1. Lynne Olson 3 years ago

    Am so encouraged to see these sustainability postcards featured, as well as other features of sustainable papers. Getting businesses on board to find solutions to our climate crisis is a big step. It really helps spread the word about the urgent need for all of us to rethink our daily habits.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Aaron 3 years ago

      Thank you for those kind words, Lynne, and for the reminder about the important role businesses must play in our current climate emergency.

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