Vibrant, Textured Ecorel Pure Notebook


Must Have: Winter & Company

If you think cover materials have to be “blah” to be environmentally friendly, then your world is about to be turned upside down…and beautiful.

That’s because Winter & Company’s Ecorel Pure line of coated papers come in 41 vibrant colors and 5 unique textures, ensuring your designs don’t just look stunning, but feel stunning, too.

Choose from:

  • Ecorel Pure Chevo: Smooth imitation goat skin
  • Ecorel Pure Morocco: Reminiscent of that country’s leather craft
  • Ecorel Pure Fibra: Feels like fine cloth
  • Ecorel Pure Levant: Another distinctive leather-like feel
  • Ecorel Pure Skiver: Echoing the sensual qualities of sheep or goat skin


  • Features Base Paper made from more than 50% post-consumer waste (PCW) and latex-free
  • Is Recyclable
  • Is FSC certified

Use Ecorel Pure any time you need vivid colors and an unforgettable tactile experience, including for:

  • Premium Packaging
  • Book Covers
  • Stationery
  • Hang Tags

and more.


Ready to see – and feel – the Ecorel Pure difference for yourself? Enter to win 1 of 100 Ecorel Pure notebooks right now! Hurry, this contest ends Nov. 2nd. (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]


As a reminder if you are a PRO member, you can get your copy for free in the PRO portal (click link below).
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Ecorel® is a registered trademark of Winter & Company.


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