Reprocess Your Process Poster

Translucent sheets always draw my curiosity. Did the designer print on it? Was it used as a flysheet with an interesting image showing from underneath? In this case, translucent Yupo was used to great purpose, effect and result.

The purpose was to inspire uninhibited creative thinking among design students. The effect was pure imaginative handmade fun. The result was a poster (and usable apron!) that contains recipes for bringing new flavors to our everyday creative process.

The 30 activities on this poster/apron were assigned to the graphic design students at the University of Utah as a way to stimulate creative thinking. The images featured are student examples of those completed assignments.

The piece focuses on stimulating the creative process through utilizing traditional hand crafted methods like sewing, sketching and collaging. All the featured works chosen as design elements stimulate the handmade quality and our desire to actually wear it as an apron.

So if you find yourself getting caught up in the commercial issues associated with the practice of design (or any artistic endeavor), please allow the idea of this poster to set you free to find the time for creative play.

Reprocess Your Process Poster was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Reprocess Your Process Poster Client University of Utah Department of Art & Art History Date December 2006 Design Carol Sogard and her design students Print Printers Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Paper Yupo Translucent 62 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions 25" x 38" Print Quantity 250 Production Time 2 months Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK


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