‘Skyscraper’ Rolling-Cube Brochure

Captivate provides its clients with the ability to put their marketing message in front of 2 million people each day through the use of digital screens inside elevators.

So what better way to emphasize this than literally putting one of those very buildings in the palm of a potential client’s hand? That’s just what they did, thanks to an ingenious piece of dimensional marketing produced by our friends at Structural Graphics.

It’s hard to overstate just how impressive this 3-dimensional skyscraper is in person, what with its charming illustrations that wrap all the way around. And with the UV Gloss Coating applied to C2S (Coated 2 Side) stock, it practically gleams like a real downtown office building at sunrise. 

Designed by Erik Hluchan and offset printed CMYK by Structural Graphics, the only text featured are the words “We’ve turned the world’s premier office buildings into your brand’s premier marketing opportunity” printed in a Blue that matches the color scheme of the architectural details. 

So far, so beautiful. But isn’t it about time for a surprise or two? 

Tugging gently on the right side of the building opens it like a book that has been held closed all this time by 1 of 4 concealed magnets. 

The first detail to be revealed is a photo of people in an elevator gazing at one of the company’s screens, along with a to-the-point explanation of the benefits Captivate provides. 

But wait, there’s more…

Another tug releases another magnetic closure and “unrolls” the building further, revealing additional reasons for going with the Captivate system. This opening of the building continues until 5 different text-and-image presentations are made visible. 

And that’s when the truth begins to dawn: this 3D building is actually a traditional brochure – a roll-fold to be precise – but the impression that it makes is so much more powerful.

Even more impressive is the level of detail on display here, especially the way that each side of the interior building includes a continuation of the building’s illustration as it is unrolled. 

The sheer sturdiness of the piece is another admirable feature – haptically communicating the integrity of the marketing company – achieved through the use of 8 pt. C2S stock and 8 pieces of foam (inside each section of the building), all hand assembled. 

So astounding is this item in person, it’s hard to imagine any potential client receiving it and not immediately giving it pride of place on a desk or nearby shelf, to be taken down and played with during meetings, or shown off to curious visitors. 

With its surprises, dimensionality, and focus on a single compelling message, this rolling block is on a roll, and an inspiring lesson in “building” interest through the use of print interactivity. 

Project Details

Title ‘Skyscraper’ Rolling-Cube Brochure Client Boston Group (Captivate Network) Date 2005 Design Erik Hluchan
Print Structural Graphics
Paper C2S 8 pt.

Production Details

Print Quantity 3,275 Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding UV Gloss Coating, Gluing, Hand Assembly

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