McIntyre + Galbreath Wedding Invite

If this design were a movie, it would definitely be titled “My Big Fat Wedding Invitation.” And it would be a blockbuster hit opening to rave reviews for its refreshing interpretation of the wedding invite. I don’t know if the tabloid format (10 x 15) means their courtship was paparazzi worthy, but it does say this couple is fun loving.

Keeping with the theme, the invitation is printed on newsprint in black ink. I love the solitary splash of color – a round sticker in chartreuse hand applied on the front cover. The sticker contains a little bit of gossip, too (“After 3 years, 2 cities, 2 states, 2 degrees, 4 jobs, and 16,000 miles …”), and is a perfect way to personalize and set the tone of the piece.

Selecting the newsprint also makes the invite a no-fuss, fold-me-up-and-take-me-along tourist guide complete with maps, local history and tourist destinations of the host city.

Bold lettering and decorative background patterns constructed from their names spice up the pages. And what about that BBQ bib? It’s designed to be cut out and used for an out-of-towners dinner the night before the nuptials.

As with any good comedy, you have to leave the audience laughing (or at least smiling). The couple did this with a blended photo of themselves (left half his face/right half her face) with the caption “Together Forever.”

McIntyre/Galbreath Wedding Invite was featured as a Paper Inspiration.


Project Details

Title McIntyre/Galbreath
Wedding Invite
Client self Date September 2011 Design Joe & Kelley Galbreath
Lettering: Kelley Galbreath
Print Linco
Long Island City, NY
Paper Newsprint

Production Details

Dimensions 10" x 15" Page Count 9 Print Quantity 500 Production Time Approximately 4 days Printing Method Offset Number of Colors One color Finishing and Binding Neon label applied to the front

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