Living Shangri-La Toronto

When you first see a 12” x 13” fuchsia-colored, case-bound piece adorned with a clear and gold foil deboss, what do you think? For me, it was, “Wow, what’s inside this beauty?!”

Opening the magnetized cover of this gift box-like book, I found an archi-print-tectural masterpiece to rival the luxury high-rise homes this marketing collateral is selling.

It’s three different-sized books bound separately, and then bound together as one piece. Mind you, those books have to be able to open smoothly once united. The master planner on this multi-dimensional experience sure passed my inspection from solid production foundation to lofty penthouse design.

Let’s review: Wrap that hot-pink cover slick over chipboard so that no uneven corners show and all are tucked neatly under the magnetic bar closure. Bind smallest book 1 to mid-size book 2 and large-size book 3, and then wrap them with a common cover. Next, glue the small smythe-sewn cover to page 1 of text, then also glue the book 2 sections divider to page 1 of book 2. DIY, this is NOT!

Lest I be accused of favoring the finishing, there are striking images throughout printed in top-floor fashion with 10-micron Staccato screening, UV 4-color inks, gold metallic, spot matte varnish, flood ultra-gloss coating on Sundance Felt Text, Topkote Dull Text and Cover and Superfine Smooth Text and Cover. Whew!

Living Shangri-La Toronto was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Living Shangri-La Toronto Client Westbank Date December 2010 Design Zacharko Design
Vancouver, BC
Print MET Fine Printers
Vancouver, BC
Paper Neenah Sundance Felt 80 lb. Text; Topkote Dull 78 lb. Cover and 100 lb. Text; Mohawk Superfine Smooth 100 lb. Text and Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 24” x 13.125” x 0.625” Page Count 64 Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK + gold metallic Finishing and Binding 10 micron Staccato screening, glue lamination, foil deboss, spot matte varnish, flood ultra gloss coating


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