Karman Jewelry’s Edge Collection Packaging


Everything is deemed “edgy” in today’s in-your-face climate, yet few things actually take that term as literally as the Edge collection from Karman Jewelry. Not only can you adorn yourself in accessories seemingly plucked from Donald Duck’s Mathmagic Land but the packaging itself is a celebration of triangles and trapezoids and, well, edge.

Karman Jewelry's Edge Collection Packaging - PaperSpecs

Before we dig into the packaging, it might help to better understand the jewelry itself.

“The Edge Collection is based on geometric uniformity and symmetric beauty,” explains Edina Németh, whose Edinas Paper created that packaging. “The juxtaposition of hard and soft is present in both the material and colors used in the collection. For instance, the designer further softens the use of white plastic with a softer pastel layer. In addition to adding a visually dramatic effect it makes certain pieces, such as bracelets and necklaces, more comfortable to wear.”

Karman Jewelry's Edge Collection Packaging - PaperSpecs

What better way to package such treasures than by using three different boxes – in progressively larger sizes – each featuring an unexpected edge.

“In keeping with the exclusivity of Karman Jewelry, Edge pieces are available in a special packaging fitting the design of the jewelry collection,” says Edina. “The use of strictly geometric shapes simplified to the extreme gives the collection’s minimalist packaging an exciting, spatial composition that reflects on the jewelry line… .The material used for the packaging allows for a rhythmic flow from triangle to rhombus. Harsh edges and angles intermix with planes in an exciting spatial sequence.”

Karman Jewelry's Edge Collection Packaging - PaperSpecs

Printing is at a minimum here – it’s all about those hand-sculpted edges. The choice of Arjowiggins’ Rives Linear Bright White is an inspired one for the outer shell as the fine vertical lines that run through it only add to the boxes’ overall geometric sophistication.

Editor’s note: Absolutely no puns on the word “edge” were used in this Gallery entry. (You are very welcome 🙂 )


Karman Jewelry's Edge Collection Packaging - PaperSpecs





Project Details

Title Karman Jewelry Edge Collection Client Karman Jewelry Date May 2016 Design Edinas Paper Print TCN Sign Studio Hungary Paper Arjowiggins Rives Linear Bright White
Mohawk Arjowiggins' Curious Metallics Galvanised 250 gsm

Production Details

Dimensions Varies Printing Method Digital Number of Colors One color Finishing and Binding Handsculpted


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