Holiday Gift Wrap

No, it was never intended to be a poster. We do suspect however that many recipients turned this 34 x 22 sheet of wrapping paper into a poster. And we further surmise that they had a hard time deciding which side to display.

Stoller Design Group entered this piece into Cenveo Graphic Arts Center’s annual giftwrap contest. Their winning entry was printed and sent out as a holiday present to both the designer’s and the printer’s clients.

The design on side one features interesting, humorous, and weird facts and statistics about the holidays through an array of infographics, charts and quotes. The vast amount of graphics flows seamlessly together. With a nod to sustainability, the team included a list of five ways to recycle the paper after it’s used.

The all-occasion-themed reverse side makes use of a repeating, linear calendar to create a colorful pattern. Using icons to note all the major holidays for the year is a thoughtful solution for retaining all the circular shapes. Fine line art circles with X’s made for an unobtrusive break between the months.

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Project Details

Title Holiday Gift Wrap Client Cenveo Graphic Arts Center Date December 2012 Design Tia Stoller + Travis Retter Print Cenveo Graphic Arts Center
Portland, OR

Production Details

Dimensions 34" x 22" Production Time About a month Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Folded, packaged in shrinkwrap


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