EnZed’s Moving Announcement


Sewing through a textured back was tricky to get a straight stitch (but) turning the crank on the old Vandercook Press was really fun.

– Helen Young, Owner/Creative Director


What do you do with gorgeous business cards that have an address that’s become outdated? If you’re EnZed Design Owner/Creative Director Helen Young, you transform this common problem into a great opportunity to create a marvelous moving announcement designed to entice people to seek out your new digs.

EnZed’s original business cards were definitely unique, particularly that temptingly tactile back – 100 lb. Cover Curious Collection Skin in Absynthe.

“I couldn’t bear to throw these away,” Helen admits, “so I ‘red lined’ the address by sewing through it with red thread.” She then tied on a circular tag boasting the new address, printed on Neenah Stardream 105 lb. Cover, its Fairway shade very close to the Absynthe one on the back of the business card.

And THEN EnZed Design got creative…!

To get people to swing on by their new location, Helen and her team used paper samples they had left over from other client projects to print 100 eye-catching invitations, as well as the tags that dangled from the business cards.

“The old business cards were letterpressed on the front and laser-etched on the back with a pattern. The new pieces [the actual moving announcement] were letterpressed, too,” says Helen. “We got to run the press ourselves!”

The main invitation features artwork by EnZed’s new designer, Ligia Teodosiu, which highlights their move to 32nd Avenue with a bold “32nd” on the front.

“The business card was inserted on the back of the announcement using two small slits,” Helen explains. “The corners of the business card show through on the front as part of the design.”

While we wish EnZed Design the very best at their new location, there’s a part of us that really hopes they move a few more times, if only to see how long and intricate a business card chain they might create 😉

831-enzed-1 831-enzed-2 831-enzed-3 831-enzed-4

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Project Details

Title EnZed's Moving Announcement Client Self promotion Date Fall 2015 Design EnZed Design Helen Young, Ligia Teodosiu Print Genghis KernPublic Denver, CO Paper Neenah Classic Crest Smooth Solar White 120 lb. Cover; Neenah Crane's Lettra Fluorescent White 110 lb. Cover; Curious Skin Absynthe 100 lb. Cover; Neenah Stardream Fairway, 105 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions Card: 4 x 5" card
Business Card: 3 x 3"
Tag: 1"
Print Quantity 100 Production Time Approximately one week plus time to assemble Printing Method Letterpress, laser etching Number of Colors Black + 2 PMS Finishing and Binding Stitching; hand tied tag; hand cut business card slits and inserted business cards


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