Sappi McCoy Promotional Cards


Without question, the best find upon opening your mailbox is a personal card from a friend or family member. It always feels like a surprise to me, and I can’t wait to see what the card looks like and what’s written inside.

So it won’t be shocking that I love this promotion piece – it’s an iron cross diecut folder in the shape of a mailbox (printed with metallic silver of course) and it’s filled with cards! But there’s so much more to admire here.

The theme of the “Real McCoy” is carried across each card with wonderful copy extolling the many “real” virtues of the paper and beautiful printing that really shows off the capabilities of the McCoy silk and matte Cover.

Engraving on the Eiffel Tower card reminds of those collectible postcards of the 19th century. The red foil embossed heart is so fun to touch. The effect of that spot soft-touch coating with the overall satin coating makes that piece of chocolate look absolutely three-dimensional (yeah, I checked).


Project Details

Title Sappi McCoy Promotional Cards Client Sappi Fine Paper Date January 2010 Design Michael Osborne Design
Michael Osborne, Sheri Kuniyuki
Print Woods Lithographics
Phoenix, AZ
Paper Sappi McCoy

Production Details

Dimensions 5" x 7" Production Cost 2 weeks Printing Method Offset; one card features engraving Number of Colors Each card varies Finishing and Binding Diecut, emboss, foil stamp


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