Woodinville White Dog Label

woddinvillle label

David Cole is back with another fabulous label for Woodinville Whiskey Co. The design is a complete redo for this particular offering, allowing it to coordinate well with the rest of the distiller’s family of whiskeys and a recently updated branding.

To emphasize the liquid’s crystal-clear, pure nature, Cole used a monochromatic palette with high impact. Snow-white paper, two hits of black, and that icy silver foil tell the perfect visual story for White Dog (an un-aged whiskey) and create a stark contrast with the warm tones used on the packaging for the aged products.

Flexography gives great texture to the label as does the felt finish on the stock, which reminds me of hammered pewter. That the new label was accomplished without the need to resubmit a COLA application (thus reducing production time by at least two months!) proves that design can be smart as well as gorgeous.


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Project Details

Title Woodinville White Dog Label Client Woodinville Whiskey Co Date October 2014 Design David Cole Print Labels West
Woodinville, WA
Paper Neenah Sundance Felt Brilliant White 70 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions 3 x 3" Print Quantity 20 million Production Time 3 Weeks Printing Method Flexography Number of Colors 2 black plates + silver foil Finishing and Binding Embossed


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