Sustainably Made ‘Luxe Pack in Green’ Awards

When you’re designing awards for Luxe Pack, one of the biggest packaging trade shows there is, the pressure to come up with something amazing is intense. And when the theme of the awards is sustainability, what you come up with must be as eco-friendly as it is eye-catching. No problem, said Corporate Image, which created 3 impressive “Luxe Pack in Green” awards…and clever packaging to put them in, too!

To both emphasize the raw, natural qualities of sustainability and call to mind the dignity of marble trophies, Corporate Image began by covering the gray Eska board that makes up the award box with Winter & Company’s stone-like Corvon Rock paper [PaperSpecs PRO Members: Get Sample Set!].

But this isn’t just any box, mind you, but a snazzy rigid gatefold box, its 2 panels held tightly shut by this subtle yet fabulous square closure. It consists of a 2mm piece of gray Eska board wrapped in Black Corvon Senzo, which has a distinctive soft-touch feel. A flatbed LogoJET printer was then used to layer Bright White and Green ink directly onto the substrate. The layering raised the ink, giving it a finger-pleasing tactile effect.

And like the Oscars, where each envelope features the respective category, each closure features the name of the particular award housed inside the box.

Magnets on the back of the piece’s 4 corners allow it to keep the box firmly shut. Removing the closure creates a memorable unveiling experience as you lift open the panels, giving you your first glimpse of the trophy within. The interior sides of the gatefold panels are also lined with that soft touch Black Corvon Senzo and printed using the same UV printing as the closure.

Now if you think the awards packaging is something, just wait until you see the trophies inside! There are 3 awards in all: one for Corporate Social Initiatives, Best Sustainable Product, and the People’s Choice Award, the last of which looks an awful lot like the Oscar 😉

Each is built from multiple layers of die-cut colored Eska board for increased stability. The different award shapes were digitally cut and feature UV printing – 10 different colors across all 3 awards, applied directly to the raw board – to create impressive 3D effects.

For example, note the different shade of Red printed on the Red heart of the Corporate Social Initiatives Award, which gives it an added dimension.

The tray holding the award in place is made from the same Mint Green Eska board, only wrapped in Corvon Rock.

These colorful die-cut pieces give the trophies an eye-catching look, and lend them a finger-pleasing tactile quality, too. Not only are these awards visually stunning, but Corporate Image’s insistence on using boards and substrates made from post-consumer waste, as well as the way they discouraged discarding of the packaging by making it part of the actual trophies, brilliantly emphasized the Luxe Pack award’s sustainability theme.

Project Details

Title ‘Luxe Pack in Green’ Awards Client Luxe Pack Date October 2021 Design Corporate Image (Michele Choate, Greg Valentine)
Print Corporate Image
Paper Eska board; Winter & Company Corvon Rock, Corvon Senzo

Production Details

Production Time 2 weeks
 Printing Method UV (LogoJET) Number of Colors 10 Finishing and Binding Die cutting

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