Trail Blazers Ball Invitation

Trail Blazers Ball Invitation - PaperSpecs

Retro-styled illustrations, typography and palette enhance the theme in a subtle way.

– Claudia Tompert, Principal and Creative Director

It takes a special kind of invitation to attract well-heeled donors to a Sierra Club fundraising event – something that exudes “quality” without suggesting its production has somehow mistreated the very environment you’re trying to protect. And if you can work in a bear in a party hat, so much the better.

Running with the Trail Blazers Ball’s theme of “glamping” (glamorous camping to you and me), Tompert Design crafted these fun, 2-color riffs on the camping tent.

Printed offset by Essence Printing on planet-friendly Neenah Environment Smooth 120 lb. Cover, the top sheet was die cut and scored to make tent flaps, glued to the bottom sheet, and finally cut into the tent-like triangle shape. Open the flaps and you’re greeted by that distinctive Trail Blazers Ball logo.

“Invitations for events like these with a price per seat (or table) still need to be the more formal invitation package,” Tompert says. “While there is an online version that is being sent out via email, those function more as reminders. The responses and signups for the event mainly come from the printed and snail-mailed invitation package.”

As for the event itself, Tompert informs us that “the evening was filled with environmental stars, plenty of yummy campfire eats, and generous supporters. (And not one mosquito!)”

Trail Blazers Ball Invitation - PaperSpecs

Project Details

Title Trail Blazers Ball Client Sierra Club Date March 2015 Design Tompert Design Claudia Huber Tompert, Lisa Kaminar Brown, John Godbee, Sue Kim, Adam Houghton Print Essence Printing South San Francisco, CA Paper Neenah Environment Smooth Natural 120 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions Tent Invite: 5.375 x 8", Folding Cards: 16 x 5.375", Reply Card: 5 x 7" Print Quantity 3,500 Production Time 8 days Printing Method Offset Number of Colors 2 colors (PMS 716 + 404) Finishing and Binding Diecut, score top sheet, glue top and bottom sheet together, cut to triangle


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