Elegant ‘Frau Netzwerkt’ Stationery

During her rise to becoming the first female manager at an event-staging agency in Germany, Semra Eryilmaz discovered first-hand the dramatic differences between the way men network (looking for information), and the way that women do (by building strong relationships).

She started her business club, Frau Netzwerkt (or “Woman Network” as it’s translated on the English version of her website), to teach women – through workshops, networking events and mentorship programs – how to use their natural strengths to their best advantage.

The visual identity and stationery that Denis Widmann Design Studio [projects / website] designed and printed for the club elegantly captures this concept of professionalism through femininity.

Let’s start with the Gmund Colors Envelope, which is a close match to Frau Netzwerkt’s brand color. It arrives with a round Gmund Label sticker that’s been Blind Embossed with the network’s logotype and perfectly applied over the straight flap.

This super-tall Emboss – hand-embossed by Semra herself using a desk embosser –  provides a strong tactile element without distracting from the cool sophistication of the envelope.

And speaking of tactile treats, why does this envelope feel so substantial?

Because inside is a chunky notecard Letterpress printed with the network’s brand color – a custom tone called “Honeymelon.”

The softness of the sheet combined with the substantial nature of the card – two 300 gsm (202 lb.) Gmund Cotton Linen Cream sheets duplex laminated together by Gmund into one 600 gsm (405 lb.) sheet  – once again reinforce the brand’s dedication to female empowerment.

The business card is made from the same duplex-laminated paper. In addition to making it the same thickness as the notecard, it also allows each side of the business card to have a nice, deep Letterpress impression without having to worry about the inevitable bruising that would be seen on the back of each sheet.

The matching A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches) letterhead, on 110 gsm (75 lb.) Gmund Cotton Linen Cream, is soft and tactile, with Frau Netzwerkt’s logo and contact details letterpress printed.

Since part of the network’s mission is to keep women well-informed and inspired, its website presents book recommendations. And what better way to keep your place in an inspiring read than with a Letterpress printed bookmark on 300 gsm (200 lb.) Gmund Cotton Linen Cream, complete with a tassel that matches the brand color?

Not only is it a pleasure to see (and feel) elegant, branded stationery these days, but seeing stationery that is so well thought out and on-brand tells the recipient that they are in the presence of something truly special.

Consider this frau, like everything you see here, deeply impressed 😉

Project Details

Title Frau Netzwerkt Stationery Client Frau Netzwerkt
 Date 2022
 Design Denis Widmann Design Studio
Print Denis Widmann Design Studio (Denis Widmann, Tom Redlbacher)

Paper Gmund Cotton Linen Cream, Gmund Colors Envelope, Gmund Label

Production Details

Print Quantity Letterhead: 300
Notecards: 300
Bookmarks: 300
Business Cards: 500
Stickers: 300 

Production Time 1 Week Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors 1 Finishing and Binding Blind Embossing

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