5 Interactive Print Pieces to Get You Moving

Twisty Zara Kids Packaging

Young children are notorious for preferring to play with the boxes items arrive in more than the items themselves. And in the case of this clever packaging for Zara Kids, who could blame them? Created with a flush fit paper tube, the eyes of the characters are printed on the neck underneath, with die cuts in the cap allowing for crazier and crazier facial expressions as you turn the base. I could happily while away an hour interacting with these tubes that simply beg to be played with. Read More.



‘The Wild’ Pop-Up Interactive Print Adventure

“Fiddle” toys such as the “Fidget Cube” are all the rage, apparently – little gadgets with buttons and switches and things that adults noodle around with in meetings, lines, and at bail hearings. I never really understood why I disliked these doohickeys so much until paper engineer/illustrator Simon Arizpe happened to share his own creation with us recently: “The Wild.” Both inventions developed out of successful Kickstarter campaigns. And that’s really where the similarities end. The former, after all, is utterly without purpose. And “The Wild”… well, “The Wild” is a paper adventure. Read More.



‘This Book is a Planetarium’

If you spent any time in American libraries growing up you probably remember a wide variety of posters urging you to open a book to “explore new worlds.” With her latest publication, “This Book is a Planetarium,” interactive print artist Kelli Anderson has transformed that trite little saying into a colorful reality. In addition to offering a working model of the heavens, this book also includes several fun and functional demonstrations of key scientific laws, all produced by expertly folding, engineering and designing with paper. When I was shooting the video about her last pop-up masterpiece, “This Book is a Camera,” I recall thinking at the time that Kelli had a whole world of creativity just waiting to burst forth given the right circumstances. If anything, “This Book is a Planetarium” suggests that I may have actually underestimated her talents. Read More.



Audi A8 Interactive Print Insert

Car taillights haven’t changed all that much over the last 50 years. So when Audi came up with a fun way to transform the lights on the back of their latest A8 sedan into a magical, animated light show using organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), they wanted to put this fact in front of an audience that enjoys the finer things in life, all in a fun, unique way. The solution? A stylish print-magazine insert that, upon opening, recreates the symphony of lights emitted by the vehicle it was designed to promote. Read More.

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Do-it-yourself Novum Cover

Question: When did stickers stop being fun? Answer: They didn’t, we just stopped using them for fun things. This is the first thing that hit me when I came across this recent issue of Novum: World of Graphic Design devoted to exploring packaging around the world. Using a simple concept, clean design, and a new line of colorful labels, the German magazine reminds us that print can be, with just a dab of creativity, every bit as interactive as digital media. And in this case, it also enables you to make your magazine cover as quirky and as unique as you are. Read More.



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