Enpointe Zip-Strip Desk Calendar

When it comes to self-promotion, a calendar is always a great idea since, when done well, recipients are likely to keep it – and your name – on their desk year-round. Yet our friends at printer Enpointe [projects / website] have gone the extra mile by not only designing a calendar that’s visually appealing, but also one that shows off their ability to produce pieces that are interactive and engaging, too.

Right off the bat, the way it arrives folded and shrink wrapped demonstrates how they can make the most of their client’s budget, since this design allows the piece to be mailed flat, saving a pretty penny on postage.

The sleeve, digitally printed CMYK + Premium White Ink with the year and Enpointe’s name on the front, is made from the same 18pt. GPA Ultra Digital Brown Kraft Board as the pieces inside. The use of 100% recycled Kraft Board also communicates the sender’s concern for the environment and sustainability – always a nice touch.

Popping open the sleeve reveals a large die-cut window through which the top calendar card can be glimpsed, as well as precise vertical die cuts on either side just wide enough to hold those cards firmly in place.

Inside, there are 4 cards in all – each decorated with different botanical illustrations digitally printed in the same muted color palette. The names of the month, 3 per card, are rendered in White ink so that they instantly stand out.

But wait, are those…? Yes! The name of each month is printed on a zip strip! Simply pull the tab and – ta da! The days of that month are revealed underneath in White ink printed on a second Kraft sheet below. That’s right – each card is actually 2 sheets Duplex Laminated together.

And just as I’m about to throw away the zip strip I’ve removed, I notice an inspiring phrase, also printed in White ink, on the back of it: “Dream Big. Work Hard. Make it Happen.” A different message can be found on the back of each strip.

By keeping the design low-key yet interactive, and making the whole calendar easy to ship flat, Enpointe reminds recipients that, when it comes to designing promotions, the knowledgeable creative can “dream big” and “make it happen” without breaking the bank.

Project Details

Title Enpointe Zip-Strip Desk Calendar Client Self Date December 2022 Design Enpointe​ Jim Benedict + Jackie Marthaler, In-House Creative Designer
Print Enpointe Paper GPA Ultra Digital Brown Kraft Board 18 Pt

Production Details

Print Quantity 750 Sets Printing Method Digital (HP Indigo 7800) Number of Colors CMYK + Premium White Ink Finishing and Binding Die cutting, Folding, Gluing

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