Diffuseur de Bonheur


Spreading the happiness … that’s what this Valentine self-promotional piece is all about. So we’re going to do just that by sharing the joy of it with you.

White silk screening on red Canson stock is simple elegance in execution and oh so attention grabbing. The beautiful laser-cut shapes that embellish the card also serve as stencils, which the recipients were invited to use to create their own unique cards or t-shirts.

The all-in-one, self-mailer concept keeps sustainability in mind while making the stenciling an easier task for the end user. We [insert heart symbol here to mimic the stencil] it!

Diffuseur de Bonheur was featured as a Paper Inspiration.


Project Details

Title Diffuseur de Bonheur Client Oussama Mezher (self-promotion) Date January 2010 Design Oussama Mezher Print Sérigraph Paper Canson Red 80gsm

Production Details

Dimensions 7" x 18.5" Print Quantity 140 Printing Method Silkscreen Number of Colors One color (white) Finishing and Binding Laser cut

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