Prospera Credit Union DM


This is one of those direct mail package concepts that has you saying, “Now why didn’t I think of that!”

With relationships between financial institutions and their customers at all-time lows, this piece reminds us there are businesses that can and do make us feel as happy as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich did when we were kids. The metaphor really works, as does the tactile quality of the Curious Touch Soft (coincidentally, the color is called “Milk!).

The sculptured multilevel deboss and varnish treatment on the peanut butter made it look real enough to bite. And mailing the whole thing in a plastic sandwich bag really had me smacking my lips – just scrumptious.

Prospera Credit Union DM was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Prospera Credit Union DM Client Blitz Direct Design Garnet McElree, Blitz Direct Print Metropolitan Fine Printers
Vancouver, BC
Paper Productolith Gloss 80 lb. Cover
Curious Touch Soft Milk 111 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 5.5" x 5" folded Print Quantity 7,000 Printing Method CMYK Finishing and Binding Sculptured multilevel deboss, double laminated sheets double thick, score/diecut, spot matte varnish and Overall MET UV Ultra Gloss Coating imaged with 10 micron staccato

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