You Know What We do to Collaborators

adobe_cs2After years of pretty much doing one thing and doing it really, really well, Adobe recently shook things up a bit when, out of left field, it acquired design portfolio site Behance.

Now we’re starting to get some hints as to what that’s going to mean for the rest of us. Coming soon: more tools to encourage creative collaboration over the Behance network.

In a March 27th Behance blog post, the company pulled back the curtain just the teensiest bit to reveal that in the next year:


  • Adobe Creative Cloud customers will be able to waive the $99 annual fee to use Behance’s ProSite (online portfolios with additional features such as custom domain name, Typekit fonts, blog integration and more)
  • Behance’s community tools will be integrated into Adobe products, making it easier to receive feedback from and share your work with Behance’s 18 million-plus users (more on this coming in May)
  • More features will be added to ProSite.


Intriguingly, we have to wonder if incorporating effortless collaboration through Creative Suite and the like will actually lead to a new, more collaborative way of approaching design itself.


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