[Video] Inventive Business Cards

grand-illusions-cardIf there’s one thing we love here at PaperSpecs Towers, it’s a business card that goes beyond the staid and functionary to become something approaching a work of art. Tim Rowett, resident toy expert at English novelty e-tailer Grand Illusions, apparently feels the same way. In this 9:44-minute look at some of his favorites, you get a good sense of just what can be done with a little pre-planning and a good idea.

(We do feel the need to correct Mr. Rowett on the matter of the computer-printer card: Structural Graphics is not an office equipment supplier but a leader in creating 3D marketing materials. Don’t miss this 5-minute wrapup of their recent PaperSpecs webinar on dimensional marketing.)

You’ve probably seen many of the ones he begins with, but be sure to watch from about the 5:00 mark on to catch some real clever ones indeed: inversions, anamorphic cards, and a lot more.

Which is your favorite?

[H/T: Design Taxi]


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