UV Ink Yields up Book's Mysteries

uv_125If there’s anything we love more than a good historical mystery, it’s a clever use of printing techniques, which makes P. S. – Secrets of the Barguzin Skeleton seem tailor made to capture our heart. Written by Tibor Borzak, the book is an inquiry into how a European man’s skeleton ended up in Siberia, and if that man happened to be famous 19th century Hungarian poet Sándor Petőfi.

And in keeping with the mystery surrounding the story, illustration annotations, additonal commentary by the author and other elements are printed throughout the book…in UV ink.

Designed by Hungarian Márton Borzák, the book features a binding that allows for the easy storage of a UV light on a chain. Shining the light on select pages yields up those special little extras hiding in plain sight.

And to think we used to get so excited as young people simply by reading a cherished storybook under the bed covers with a flashlight…





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