Mohawk Continues its Make-volution

mohawk_125Lately we can’t shake the feeling that Mohawk would really like to run away and do something else with its life. It’s still supplying us with excellent paper options, of course…it’s just that it’s been talking a lot about the new “maker” culture and making things…and somehow we feel this is all about more than making paper. Making publications, perhaps?

This week, Mohawk published the second issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly and Mohawk Craft Cooperative – the first aimed at designers and artisans, the second at printers. This time around, both issues focus on materials.

Both are breezy little reads, made all the more interesting with content that comes alive when you use Mohawk’s new augmented-reality app, Mohawk Live. Though you can read both online (see links at the top), you miss half the experience that way as both are printed on Mohawk Loop, a 100% PCW recycled paper.

PaperSpecs PRO members, get your copy of the Makers Quarterly issue 2 here.




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