Tie the Knot Invitation

Tie the knot invitationWhether it’s corporate soirees or a good friend’s wedding day, designers probably produce more invitations in a lifetime than any other type of paper craft. And while you can often cadge a decent budget for the former, personal and charitable projects tend to carry the meagerest of budgets. What we liked about the following invitation was just how creative the designer was able to be without breaking the bank.

Graphic designer Cristina Moraleja dug deep into one of our oldest cliches to get the friends of Lois and Cris to fully participate in their wedding ceremony. On the outside of the invite, a definition of what a “knot” actually is:

“Loop that is fastened and locked so it is difficult to release, and the more its ends are pulled apart the more it ties together.”

Inside, a loose red cord that pulls itself into a tight knot as you open it. Perfection 🙂

Tie the knot invitationTie the knot invitationTie the knot invitationTie the knot invitation



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