Paper Doll World Record

paperdollYou: Say, uh, PaperSpecs? Us [putting down our holiday wish list]: Yes, lovely reader? You: Well geez, this is a strange question… Us: Go on, don’t be shy. We’re all friends here. You: Well, I was wondering what the world record is for the longest chain of paper dolls ever made. Us: Well now, that’s not a silly question at all.

As it happens, the Guinness World Record was broken earlier this week by children’s book writer Julia Donaldson who, surprise surprise, has a book out called “The Paper Dolls.” Here, courtesy of The Guardian newspaper, is how it all went down:

With the help of her publisher, Macmillan Children’s Books, 50 volunteers and fans from around the world who submitted tens of thousands of hand-designed dolls over the summer, 45,282 paper dolls were laid out precisely until a chain measuring 4549.7m had been achieved, smashing the previous record of 2683.21m. That’s the equivalent of 40 football pitches, almost 61 jumbo jets, or 80,000 jelly babies laid end-to-end.


For those who can’t be bothered to look it up, that’s more than 2.8 miles, or 14,926 feet. Macmillian Children’s Books is donating 10 pence to Save the Children for each doll submitted. Now aren’t you glad you asked?



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