Steamroller Printing a-Go-Go

Steamroller printLongtime fans of Minneapolis design & print powerhouse Studio on Fire will take one look at this and say “Yep, uh huh, doesn’t surprise me a bit.” This, in this case, is the group’s recent use of a steamroller to print their posters advertising their Spring 2015 print fair & open house. As they so eloquently put it, “we decided the only way to find out if we could pull this off was to actually rent a steamroller, take to the parking lot, and run some shit over.”

Using 19-inch-tall letters and adding backing boards by hand, they built a 16-by-4-foot wooden base with rails into which those letters were screwed –  voila: moveable type.

The whole apparatus was set down in the studio parking lot with two days spent typesetting and inking. And then came the steamroller. Two actually. Prints from the event are currently on display in the Hamilton Wood Type gallery. More photos here.

Steamroller printSteamroller printSteamroller printSteamroller print




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